Car-shopping can be fun. After all, the chances are good that you’re going to get a shiny, new vehicle out of it. While looking at pictures from every angle and comparing stats are helpful, you’ll eventually need to go to a dealer for a test drive.

Oddly enough, a surprising amount of shoppers don’t test the car they end up buying. Skipping a test drive, however, can lead to making a choice you regret.

So what’s worth considering when taking a car for a test drive?

Test Drive Tips to Live By

Don’t fake it

We often drive quite differently on a test drive. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the company of a salesperson or maybe we feel uneasy behind the wheel of an expensive vehicle that we don’t own. Either way, it’s important to really drive it.

Hop on the highway, step on the gas, and see how it accelerates. Test the brakes to make sure they work to your liking. See how easy it is for you to steer.

When test driving a used car, you definitely want to pay more attention to make sure the parts are working properly and address any potential concerns to the sales representative.

Don’t be hesitant to think critically about test driving a new car, either. The last thing you want to take home is a car that you feel uncomfortable driving.

Take a closer look

This tip should technically be done before and during your test drive. Make sure you inspect the vehicle for cosmetic, and potentially, functional problems. A new car should be virtually spotless, but even used cars should have been examined and touched up.

During the drive itself, test out all of the electronic features. Do all of the windows work as they should? If the car is a convertible, put the top down. If there are any special night functions, try to test the vehicle in the evening. This will allow you to view it clearly, while still letting you see how well the headlights work.

Don’t go alone

Taking a test drive with a friend or family member is a simple way to make a more informed choice. They can give you an idea of what it feels like to be a passenger and may mention things you didn’t think of.

Shoppers often go into the buying process with preconceived notions. Having a friend alongside you can help you make sure you’re taking the time to consider all the factors.

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