You’re driving. There’s an unusual smell, a strange noise, and the service light is flashing, but you don’t know what the problem is. There’s a good chance you need an oil change or another engine service.

You might be the kind of driver who checks the oil in your car once a week or with every fill-up. Perhaps you’re the kind of driver who never checks the oil but relies on the sticker on the windshield. Whatever type of driver you are, you can’t always rely on mileage to indicate you need an oil change. Consider the following signs.

5 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Odd noises

A knocking, ticking, or rumbling sound can signal all sorts of trouble — especially in your engine. Any time your car starts making an unusual noise, bring it into Zimbrick Hyundai Eastside for Hyundai service in Madison, Wisconsin.


An oil smell, burning smell, or exhaust smell can indicate dirty oil. There could also be a more serious problem like an oil leak.


Anytime your temperature gauge is not within normal range, take your vehicle in for a checkup. It may need an oil change or have a bigger issue.

Low oil or oil spots under the car

Cars, especially older ones, can burn some oil and require that you add some in between oil changes. But low oil and oil spots can signal a leak. Talk to your mechanic if you see either, especially if it’s out of the ordinary for your vehicle.

Dark or thick oil

If you’re the type of driver who checks the oil regularly, then you’ll notice if it starts to look dark or sludgy. Both are signs that your car is due for an oil change. Oil should be light brown and of a thin consistency with no obvious dirt in it.

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Every vehicle is different, and its maintenance needs change with extensive use, mileage, and age. We recommend regular service that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendations to protect your asset and keep its value high.

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