Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get your Hyundai ready for the changing weather. There are scores of Hyundai accessories you can choose from at Zimbrick Hyundai in Madison, WI, to get your car ready for spring. Here are 10 of the best:


  1. Mudguards. Spring means melting snow and a buildup of sludge on the roads. This sludge can contain salt from snowplows, which can corrode the underbelly of a car. But a mudguard can prevent that from happening to your new Hyundai.  

  2. Cargo net. The warmer weather means it’s time for sports, and a cargo net for the trunk can keep all those soccer balls and baseball bats from flying around inside.

  3. All-weather floormats. Spring rains bring wet and muddy feet into your Hyundai. Protect your interior from water damage with a set of all-weather floormats.

  4. Spare tire kit. Potholes form in the winter when water soaks under the pavement, freezes, and expands. When the snowy roads melt away in the spring, fresh potholes are unearthed. Pick up a spare tire kit in case you get a flat tire as a result of one of these nuisances.

  5. Sunroof wind deflector. After months of cranking the heat, it’s finally about time to let the sunroof down. A wind deflector reduces airflow through the vehicle and cuts down on cabin noise.

  6. Crossbars. Spring is a time to get out the kayaks, canoes, and camping equipment, and a set of roof crossbars is the perfect accessory to haul them around.

  7. Puddle lighting. You don’t want yourself or a passenger to step in a puddle right before stepping into your Hyundai. Puddle lighting illuminates the ground around the doors so puddles from spring showers can be avoided at night.

  8. Tow hitch. Spring marks the beginning of boating and camper season, and you’ll need a good tow hitch to get your toys to their destination.

  9. Car cover. Don’t let your Hyundai get covered in pollen this spring. Protect it with a car cover and maintain its shine.

  10. 17-inch alloy wheels. Time to take off those snow tires and replace them with some 17-inch alloy wheels.   


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