Whether or not you should buy a used Hyundai is a smart question to ask. After all, even a used car is a large purchase, and careful consideration should be taken when shopping for a car.

But it’s also an easy question to answer. Hyundais make for great used cars. In fact, a CarMD study involving cars, trucks, and SUVs from 1996 to 2016 found that Hyundai models have the lowest repair costs for check engine light problems and was one of only three brands to place in the top 10 for lowest average repair cost and repair frequency.

But aside from the results of one particular study, why else should you buy a used Hyundai?

4 Reasons to Choose a Used Hyundai

There are certain characteristics that make up a quality used car and you’ll find them all in a Hyundai.

1. Reliability

Reliability takes a front seat when buying a used car. Every consumer’s worst fear is buying a used car that turns out to be a money pit in repair work. The best way to minimize this risk is by purchasing a brand that has a strong reputation for reliability.  

And according to CarMD, there’s no more reliable car than a Hyundai. The brand was found to have the lowest repair frequency and the second-lowest repair cost for cars made from 2003 to 2013, which is right in the sweet spot for used car shoppers.  

2. Safety

One of the best things about buying a brand-new car is getting all the latest and greatest safety technology. But with Hyundai, you don’t have to make a sacrifice on safety when buying an older model.

In 2016 alone, five Hyundai models were awarded the Top Safety Pick+ distinction by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety thanks to a dedicated suite of safety features.

3. Standard Features

Because Hyundai consistently offers an array of technology and convenience features in even standard trims, stepping into a used model won’t feel like you’re traveling back in time. Many of the features found in yesterday’s Hyundais remain up to date with today’s models.

4. Transferable Warranty

Hyundais are made for being driven as a used car — quite literally. Since 1999, Hyundai has been attaching a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty to its models that is fully transferable to a second owner.

Hyundai also has a certified pre-owned program consisting of a 150-point certification process and 10 years or 100,000 miles of roadside assistance.

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