So you’re thinking about buying a new car, but aren’t sure if it’s worth pulling the trigger, right?

The answer is yes if you’re considering Hyundai’s new Verna.

Have you heard of the Accent? Forget what you thought you knew about this compact car. In India, the Verna is the newest sedan with an updated exterior and interior quality — the Verna is able to compete with the top-of-the-line urban and sports cars.

Hyundai’s new sedan has various options for all types of drivers.

If a stick shift isn’t the type of transmission that you prefer, you can opt for the H-Matic Automatic transmission in India’s Verna.

If you’re the type of person who lives for the purr of the engine as you switch gears while sprinting down the highway, the Verna was made for you as well.

Featuring two engine options, a 5-speed unleaded and 6-speed diesel, this car claims the title for holding the best-in-class power output for both types of engines. Offering specifications of 129 horsepower and 192 ft.-lb. of torque, Hyundai’s Verna will provide a fluid, noiseless shift without compromising on speed.

In terms of the model’s capabilities on surfaces that might be uneven, the Verna hits well above it’s competition. One driver said that the Verna’s “ability to handle almost every type of terrain was impressive.”

If you think that what’s under the hood of the Verna is admirable, let’s talk about the sleek exterior as well. With the newest model of the Verna, you can find glossy, chrome handles paired with prominent hood lines to match.

The new and improved front air dam produces a larger face, while Hyundai added distinct fog lamps that blend into the body, creating a unique look. This isn’t your average sedan. The Verna commands attention with a flashy wing-shaped grille that has sharp features and distinct character.

The Verna Gains Ground with Comfort and Safety Features

It’s easy to paint a picture of the cool exterior in combination with the high-quality performance engine, but the Verna also produces a gorgeous interior.

Featuring a mix between hi-gloss and mid-gloss material, Hyundai impressed when designing the specifics of the Verna’s interior look. Lustrous leather seats are paired with lower-back and under-thigh support for optimal comfort.

This car also has an Electro-Chromatic mirror that will automatically darken at night while adjusting to the response of headlights. It also has the capability to proportionally dim your lights according to the intensity of the light being shined in your rearview mirror.  

But that’s not the only awesome feature in this compact car:

  • Climate Control
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers
  • Rear-Parking Assist
  • Keyless Entry & Push-Button Start/Stop

Also possessing a sliding armrest that includes storage, you won’t have to compromise ergonomics for space ever again.

Besides these features, safety is important with all of Hyundai’s models. The Verna comes equipped with standard safety features plus a 6-bag SRS airbag system and anti-pinch windows and speed-sensing door locks.

Does this car sound like the type of model that you would want to buy? Let us know if you think this would be a great addition to the Accent in Hyundai’s lineup!