The Hyundai Tucson is smart, dynamic, and delivers capable performance in any road condition. This mid-size CUV is an unexpected beauty featuring sharp, smooth lines. For a number of reasons, the Tucson is an undeniable stand out in its category.

Hyundai Tucson Makes Tracks Through the Snow

When you hear “crossover,” you don’t automatically think great handling. But you should when you hear “Tucson.”

Rough terrain, snow, and ice are no match for the Hyundai Tucson’s available all-wheel drive. The system splits torque 50/50 between the front and rear axles with flawless transition. Hill-start Assist Control, electronic stability control, and anti-lock brake features will also make your life easier in inclement weather.

Meanwhile, premium anti-skid and traction control are standard features. Taking on the snow and ice is no easy job, but the Tucson outperforms expectations, showing its strength. The traction control puts up a formidable effort when the wheels begin to spin out. In an uphill battle, the vehicle unleashes full power to combat slushy road conditions.

A sturdy suspension also allows the Tucson to take potholes and hard ice-packed roads without jostling passengers.

Even technology features pitch in to help. The small, but effective, back up camera image located on the rear-view mirror proves its worth. The camera is an added bonus and comes in handy when it comes to avoiding snowbanks.

Interior Comforts Keep Passengers Warm, Safe in a New Tucson

If you’re braving snowy weather, it’s important for you and your passengers to stay calm and at ease. It’s a good thing the Tucson’s interior is such a cozy environment. Generous space for five passengers makes this crowd pleaser perfect for family and friends. You’ve also got plenty of cargo space for everything you need to bring with you.

The interior design features are simple and with a strong visual appeal. Hyundai does not focus on all the bells and whistles seen in many recent models. Instead, Hyundai prioritizes comfort and safety, which is why the Tucson is an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick Plus.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t drive if you have any doubts about the weather or road conditions, but if you get caught in a bind, you can count on the Tucson. This combination of quality and consistency make the Hyundai Tucson an unbeatable choice.

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