As Hyundai is always reimagining its automobiles in order to be the best in the market, it’s no surprise that they’ve recently revamped their cars’ exterior designs. Hyundai’s latest redesign of the Hyundai Azera was recently debuted in Korea. If this new model is a sign of things to come, then Hyundais are about to get a whole lot more stylish.

Major Redesign Updates Hyundai Azera’s Look

Sleek, modern, and fashionable are just a few words that describe the new Hyundai Azera. The more mature design is highlighted by its cascading grille, headlights with rounded edges, long hood, and more vertical windshield. According to Autoblog, “The flanks also receive long, flowing character lines that give it a muscular appearance.” These updates are perfect for drivers who are looking for a car that will elevate them above the other mundane vehicles on the road.

The New Design Includes Interior Details

Hyundai didn’t just radically redesign the exterior of the Azera, but also updated its interior details as well. A new, contemporary instrument panel replaces the dashboard in the old model. A large touchscreen and analog clock complete the updated interior look. Luxurious details are included in this redesign, such as two-tone stitched leather surfaces.

New Hyundai Design Hints at What’s to Come

This new look doesn’t stop with the Hyundai Azera. Drivers can expect to see all models, including the beloved Hyundai Sonata, receiving an updated exterior. According to, the automaker promises all future vehicles will contain “bold signature themes that will lead the new era of Hyundai Motor design.” While we can never know exactly what to expect from the innovative thinkers at Hyundai, we can be certain to expect great things.

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