Summer looks a little different this year.

But you know one thing that’s staying the same? Our dedication to helping you make this summer fun. That’s why we’ve written this short list of potential summer activities you can do from the safety of your own vehicle.

But before you put the keys in the ignition, you should make sure your vehicle is road-ready by getting it serviced at Zimbrick Hyundai Eastside in Madison, Wisconsin.

Family-Friendly Car Activities for the Summer

Get Ice Cream

Getting a scoop of ice cream is a quintessential summer activity that can luckily be enjoyed anywhere.

Just choose a local favorite ice cream spot, drive over, and soon enough a delicious scoop (or two) of ice cream will be staring back at you.

Discover New Neighborhoods

After a while, our perspective of our city or town will narrow. We settle into a routine of only being in the same few neighborhoods, and as a result we can begin to feel insulated from the rest of our community.

This summer, take an hour out of a day and drive around neighborhoods you wouldn’t otherwise drive through. You’ll be amazed at the amount of local eateries, bars, and attractions you’ve likely been missing out on!

Wash Your Car

By washing your car, you get to accomplish a task that you otherwise dread while beating the heat. Plus, you get something beautiful to look at by the end — a shiny, clean car!

It’s easy to make this a whole-family activity, too — just designate certain tasks to certain individuals (maybe save something easy, like soaping up a door, to the little ones).

But before you even get the hose started, make sure you’re familiar with these car washing best practices.

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