In 2015, Hyundai news announced its next step into the future of racecars — Hyundai N Division. The goal of this class of Hyundai engineers is to design and produce performance-focused and results-driven cars that rival the likes of BMW and Kia.

Hyundai N Division was created as a branch-off from Hyundai Motor Sports, which got back into the racing game in 2014.

The head of Hyundai N Division, Albert Biermann, claims that If Hyundai Motor Sports is about lap times and performance numbers, then N is about the driving experience.

Biermann makes this claim because the N Division was born through the connection between Namyang and Nürburgring — two very important names in the racing community. Namyang is where all Hyundai vehicles are created, and Nürburgring is the most challenging racetrack in Germany. Namyang and Nürburgring work as a team — one produces the cars, the other tests them.

Overtime this rigorous trial and error process produces driver-centric, top-quality performance supercar concepts.

N Division puts the focus on racing prowess from the cars they plan to produce, all the way down to their logo. The sloping N is more than just a letter. With curved lines, this particular N is meant to represent the bends and turns of a racetrack.

The corners of the N logo are said to specifically resemble the chicane — one of the most challenging additions to any race track.

Needless to say, the statement made so far by Hyundai N Division means they’re in the game to play — and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to deliver.

The 3 Most Important Principles of Hyundai N Division

  • Motorsports Inspired Technology – Wouldn’t it be nice if the minute you had a thought, your car would respond automatically? That’s the goal of the Hyundai N Division. Derived from Hyundai Motor Sports, N-labeled vehicles will use enhanced racing technology to offer immediate response to the driver’s needs. Of course, N Division cars won’t be able to read your mind, but they’ll certainly come close.  
  • Balanced Performance – A race car needs to do more than harmonize with its driver, it also needs to be fully harmonized with itself. N vehicles will be just that thanks to careful crafting and design that allows for every performance part to play a critical role in keeping the car balanced.
  • Emotional Delight – We spoke earlier about the N Division’s focus on driver experience, and causing emotional delight is something these vehicles will strive for. In a Hyundai N vehicle, feel the thrill of unrivaled acceleration, become captivated by its appearance, and take pleasure in superior handling.  

What kind of cars can we expect from N Division?

Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo

Moving forward from the success of the Hyundai i20 WRC, the N Division concept supercars are intended to show the seriousness, potential, and vision of the newly formed group. Well we think the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept does just that.

The 2025 is the pride and joy of Hyundai N Division as every aspect fully embodies their passion for racing. Inspired by aeronautics, this innovative supercar has a powertrain designed around Hyundai’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell.

With a total output of 871 horsepower, the N 2025 can keep pace with even the most well-known supercars.

670 of the total horsepower comes from dual fuel cell stacks, while the additional 201 horsepower comes from regenerated braking energy. Every component of the N 2025 is purposeful, including the high-powered independent in-wheel motors and a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic monocoque structure.

When all elements combine, the N 2025 emerges with superior traction and handling thanks to a masterful design.

Hyundai RM15

This truly innovative racecar concept is the more advanced version of the 2014 Veloster RM.

The RM 15 concept has been designed with a Hybrid Lightweight Body Structure (HLBS) which helps to create an all-new, performance ready Racing Midship (RM).

The HLBS improves responsiveness so that the RM15 can perform expertly on the racetrack. With the center of gravity sitting only a foot and a half from the ground, body panel weight away from the core, plus a competitive lift-coefficient, we can’t wait to see this supercar in action.

The RM15 is well-suited to challenge many top supercars thanks to a downforce of 273 pounds at 124 miles per hour and redesigned cooling system.

Other impressive features in the RM15 include:

  • Theta 2.0L T-GDI: 295 horsepower
  • Aluminum double-wishbone suspension
  • WRC i20 Rally car-inspired roll cage
  • Front and rear integrated Sub-frame

You can watch this space for more progress updates on the Hyundai N Division. The future of Hyundai gets more exciting every day.